Applications Under Development:
Simple Avatar Chat Application - chat application made using GAE and GLGE
Local Restaurant Map Application - application made using Google's Map and Places API
Simple Puzzle Game - application made using HTML5 Drag & Drop
Detecting Mouse Position - application that detects user mouse position and rotate based on it
Fruit Assassin Crafty Example - application that runs the Fruit Assassin Example build using Crafty.JS (Only updated so it works with latest source)
Easel Animation Example - Simple animation made using Easel.JS
Tower Defense Game 1 - Tower Defense Game made using Easel.JS
Status of Development:
08/18/11 - Tower Defense: Basic game functionality, Drag&Drop towers, turtle animation/movements, health bar, collision detection
08/19/11 - Tower Defense: Fire range detection, Cannon radius, localized health bar